We have quite a bit to be thankful for here at Lost Creek. 

We have our new home, nearly settled after a lot of time spent moving.  Shop is back in work, bags and leather goods are being made once again. Christmas orders are coming in.

We have our family, who we love.  Since we have moved here Tilly’s family have visited many times, ready to explore our great backwoods, the grandboys, Michael and Andrew,  are running wild in the prairie. 

We are greatly anticipating a visit from J.T.s wonderful twin grandkids, Drew and Bree.  We can picture them playing in the fields!

Our fantastic black lab, Parker, is another thankful member of our family, he runs as wild as the boys, reveling in the fresh air and great smells.

We have health, happiness, enough money to live, enough love to make any rough patches smooth.

We are thankful.