One of the best little big festivals in Minnesota

Blueberry Festival Dreaming

For a few years we took Lost Creek on up to the northern stretches of Minnesota. Ely that is; for the wonderful Blueberry Festival.  We have not been able to attend for a few years because of other commitments. Boy have we missed it.

Ely is a wonderful town; filled with beauty, characters, grand spirit, and history.  The festival is the same, Great artists, wonderful friends, good times.

We are hoping to return this year!  Keep your fingers crossed for us friends.  On the road again!


wells fargo artwork


Change is in the air, a positive resolution to counteract the cold!  We are once more changing our website.  (I rearrange furniture all of the time as well)  Stay posted for more changes, and take a peek at what has been done today.

The Happiest New Year to You!!!!

wagontrainWe always get one, it never fails. A new year I mean.  We received one even in the year 2000.  No matter what happens, time moves along,

The New Year  is traditionally a time for fresh starts, celebrations, resolve, and deep breaths.  Let the future come, we are ready for it.

Our life here at Lost Creek has changed;  we have moved, we have retired, we have added more chuck wagon teaching to our roster, are heading back into the world of commerce for J Tspunktilly goods, we have made a commitment to dedicate ourselves to a bit of growth, and we hope to always improve, always inspire,always kick out and move!

We wish for you the same, A year of blessings and aspirations, a year of positive change and love.

From Lost Creek to You!  Happy Tidings and Great Cheer!

Ely Harvest Moon Festival

We here at Lost Creek love Ely, Mn.  Tilly would move there if she could!  So it is with great joy that we announce another summer visit to the great city of Ely.  The Harvest Moon Festival Sept 9 through Sept 11.  This wonderful annual festival incorporates all of the wonder of Ely with the joy of visiting old friends, making new friends, and taking our bags and leather goods back up to the home of their origin!

The festival will be full of art, music, good food, glorious weather, fabulous scenery, good people, and even a rendezvous.

Come on up ya all!!!  See you there!

Description: September 9th – 11th, 2011

125+ Art & Craft Exhibitors, Demonstrations, Food, Musical Entertainment, All-American Lumberjack Show.

LOCATION: Whiteside Park (between 7th & 8th Avenues on Sheridan Street)

HOURS: Friday, September 9 noon – 6 pm
Saturday, September 10 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday, September 11 10 am – 4 pm


MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT: Spiritwood Music of The Boundary Waters

Three days of live acoustic music featuring Pat Surface and The Boundary Water Boys, and Donna Surface, performance artist in sign. Uplifting performances featuring Celtic, Bluegrass, and Folk.

Lumberjack Shows:

All-American Lumberjack Show: The legend lives on with the All- American Lumberjack Show .. Two teams, ten exciting lumberjack events and everyone comes out a winner.

Kid’ s Lumberjack Sport Camp — free to youngsters young and old who are taught how to log roll and x-cut saw by the Pro’ s.

Birch bark basketry, wool spinning, spinning angora rabbit hair, blacksmithing, trapping, leatherworking, bead working, dream catchers, spirit gourds, carving, knife making, tomahawk throwing, and fire starting.