History Continues…

Whitey Carlson Himself

made in MinnesotaBack in 2007, after Whitey’s passing, J.T. purchased Carlson Leather from Whitey  Carlson’s sister. Carlson Leather had been a long-standing  and well-loved institution in the Ely area and around the globe, and we are always thrilled  to take our bags back for the Blueberry Festival. There we receive  many warm stories of Whitey from his friends and customers

This year, we will be able to take yet another iconic piece of Minnesota history with us to the Blueberry Festival.  The Original Dome Bag!

Our Original Dome Shell Bag

After the dome went down a smart group of entrepreneurs bought all the fabric from the dome.    Recently we were contacted by this group and  to produce Domer Bags.  (thanks to Melody for her courageous and open ability to talk to perfect strangers) We are currently in production of this line.   These bags will be found in select stores in the Twin Cities area.  This new product is the same high quality of our own Lost Creek patterns and will be of the same high quality you have come to expect from us, with the addition of the nearly indestructible Teflon coated fiberglass of the dome roof itself.

Our Original Dome Overnighter
Our Original Dome Overnighter

Please stay posted for a listing of the stores you will be able to buy them from, (including the Blueberry Festival) ,and when they will be available!

History is important and we are happy to help continue our great Minnesota traditions! We believe that a piece of history is a piece of our heart!

One of the best little big festivals in Minnesota

Blueberry Festival Dreaming

For a few years we took Lost Creek on up to the northern stretches of Minnesota. Ely that is; for the wonderful Blueberry Festival.  We have not been able to attend for a few years because of other commitments. Boy have we missed it.

Ely is a wonderful town; filled with beauty, characters, grand spirit, and history.  The festival is the same, Great artists, wonderful friends, good times.

We are hoping to return this year!  Keep your fingers crossed for us friends.  On the road again!

The Ely Blueberry Festival

This July 29th we from Lost Creek Bags will be heading back up to Ely for our second annual vending experience at the Ely Blueberry Festival.

Last year for the first time we took our bags up for what was essentially a reunion, not for us, but for our product.  In 2007 JT bought the then Carlson Bags business from Whitey Carlson’s sister.  Whitey ran his business for years from the Ely area.  He passed away too early in his life, leaving behind friends and admirers all over the country.

After spending a few years perfecting his version of Whitey’s wonderful bags, JT decided to take the show on the road, with the bags, and his own special brand of leather work.
So, last year, the summer of 2010 up we went for the time of our lives.  Ely is a great destination, beautiful countryside, glorious views, and incredible people.

And the Ely Blueberry Festival absorbs all of this wonder into a packed full of fun weekend in Whiteside Park.  The town swells with over 40, 000 visitors, ready for good clean fun and a fabulous shopping foray with the 300 vendors of hand crafted wares, ranging from soap to literally nuts, crafty furniture, art, books, music, copper goods, home wares, and well of course, Lost Creek Bags.

Started in 1980 this event is known world wide and brings visitors from all over.  We spoke to people from Japan, Germany, France, Canada, England, and from nearly every state of our own USA.

The Ely Blueberry Festival runs from Friday July 29th to Sunday afternoon of July 31.

It is an event to not be missed.

Hope to see you there!

31st Annual Blueberry Art Festival

When:   Friday, Jul 29, 2011

Where:  Whiteside Park , Ely Minnesota

Description: July 29-31, 2011

 Friday, Noon to 7 pm

 Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm

No Charge

300 Exhibitors of Original Art, Handcrafted Items, Ethnic Foods.

 Stage Shows: Friday, July 29 – Chromatones at 1 pm and 3 pm

 Saturday, July 30 – Conga Se Menne at 11 am and 1:30 pm

Sunday, July 31 – Barich Brothers at 11 am and 1:30 pm

Pets are not allowed in the City Park.