Knife Sheath

Knife Sheath

Let us custom create your sheath. Prices start at $39.00. Please call or email John with specifications! We need type and size of knife.


One thought on “Knife Sheath

  1. OK, need a new, ‘flap over’ folding pocket knife sheath. (For a belt) Knife is a Rem ‘Trapper”. Nothing Fancy, just solid utilitarian. Planing on, soaking it in Hot Water, then bagging the knife, putting it in, then let it sit by the wood stove to dry. Knife is slightly triangular. As, top of knife is 1-5/8″, bottom is only 7/8″ (Photo here: Knife is, 4.5″ long, 1-5/16 at it’s widest. 3/4″ thick. Flap over, secured via a ‘snap’ or, a ‘pin’. Does not matter, as long as it will stay closed, until I, “Want” it opened. Side of flap open, as I do have a piece of leather in the lanyard hole. Also, do you have a a small, ‘shell bag’ made up? Thinking I just may, ‘have’ to have one of those also LOL. Oh, and next time I see you. Make sure you have some 9v batteries around. You may need them. (Something to do with your favorite color)

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