Buffalo Camp!!!!

Ah packing for our annual Buffalo Camp down in Windom.  A pleasant weekend camping with old west friends and families!!!  Packing up the trailer today, feeling excited for the coming summer.  Not as many events this year, busy with selling the house.  But Buffalo Camp  we  cannot miss!!


Auction done, wonderful!!!!  We highly recommend Benoit Aucion Service. Col Tim Benoit is a fabulous, peaceful man!  Sandy, the other half of the partner ship, and marries with the Col, is equally magnificent!  We have NEVER met a more organized woman!  Son Mark, a computer and camera whiz, Knowledgeable employees, Yes we would recommend them!

New Year at Lost Creek

The new year is a wonderful time at Lost Creek.  We are looking forward to a  year filled with opportunity and growth, and we hope that you all will have the same.  Looking forward we are excited to plan for the shows we will attend, the chuckwagon events we will be competing at, and the many changes that we know are just going to happen.

And the last year, If we had to sum up 2010 in just one word here at Lost Creek, that word would have to be something like, Whoosh!   2010 was filled with activity, travel, meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends.  with our friend Boomer, we built a second chuckwagon, (and when I say we, I mean John and Boomer), we visited our first southern chuckwagon cook off, down in Oklahoma, and were soundly beaten, but happily still maintained our status at the northern events.  We took our Lost Creek Bags show on the road to Ely, South Dakota, and Iowa and created new contacts, new fun and generally had a great adventure!

So Whoosh would be the word we use for 2010, and we are looking forward to the word we use for 2011!  Blessing and happiness to you all for the coming year from John and Tilly at Lost Creek!!!