The Happiest New Year to You!!!!

wagontrainWe always get one, it never fails. A new year I mean.  We received one even in the year 2000.  No matter what happens, time moves along,

The New Year  is traditionally a time for fresh starts, celebrations, resolve, and deep breaths.  Let the future come, we are ready for it.

Our life here at Lost Creek has changed;  we have moved, we have retired, we have added more chuck wagon teaching to our roster, are heading back into the world of commerce for J Tspunktilly goods, we have made a commitment to dedicate ourselves to a bit of growth, and we hope to always improve, always inspire,always kick out and move!

We wish for you the same, A year of blessings and aspirations, a year of positive change and love.

From Lost Creek to You!  Happy Tidings and Great Cheer!

Deer Hunting

Our JT has an annual hunting expedition down to Windom with his old buddy Wally. Every year he gears up, sorts through his blaze orange clothing, prepares his weapon, oils his boots, and sets off.

He always gets a deer, usually early Saturday morning. I think for him, the hunting is a combination of putting food on the table and being with like minds. Men who can get down and grubby, take naps, drink beer, talk about manly things. They have a week of fried potatoes and bacon, steaks, smoked meats, and bad movies on Wally’s ancient VCR. A week of bonding and becoming hunters, ancient providers.

This is a week that must always be!


All about the change!

ImageChange is difficult, stressful, exhausting, exhilarating, affirming.

Here at Lost Creek we have spent the winter in change, and we feel like, just maybe we are at the crossroads.

Selling the property we live in, (not sold yet) and recently purchased a new place, farther down the road.

So now moving!!!  We have moved  (count them   FIVE) trailer loads, and really, cannot see much of a difference!

But change is lovely!!!!


End of summer

We are not sure if we are mourning the ending of summer or reveling in the beginning of  Autumn.  Tilly loves the heat and sun, while JT loves cool breezes and chilly nights.  Maybe what is happening is that we are hoping for the compromise of Fall, sunny afternoons, yet bright colored trees, cool breezes, with brilliant blue lakes resting in the daylight.

Autumn, time to pack away our summer gear, no more events season, maybe put away the grass cutter, and check out the snow shovels.

Cool nights, sunny days, hey what could be better?