Fort Sissaton Time is Near!!!


Our sure harbinger of spring is nearly here!  Fort Sisseton Chuck Wagon Cook Off at the Fort Sisseton Celebration.   Fort Sisseton Festival   patrick wagon


This is a wonderful event everyone.  It has it all, music, food, horses, mountain men, soldiers, damsels, vendors, entertainers, fun, dancing, SHOWERS!, camping, charming chuck wagon cookies!

Painting at Fort Sissaton Cook Off
Painting at Fort Sisseton Cook Off

Deer Hunting

Our JT has an annual hunting expedition down to Windom with his old buddy Wally. Every year he gears up, sorts through his blaze orange clothing, prepares his weapon, oils his boots, and sets off.

He always gets a deer, usually early Saturday morning. I think for him, the hunting is a combination of putting food on the table and being with like minds. Men who can get down and grubby, take naps, drink beer, talk about manly things. They have a week of fried potatoes and bacon, steaks, smoked meats, and bad movies on Wally’s ancient VCR. A week of bonding and becoming hunters, ancient providers.

This is a week that must always be!


The Eternal Cowboy ♣

What are our views of a cowboy?  Me, I am not a purist. I loved Roy Rogers as a child.  I watched him faithfully every Saturday morning; the adventures of Dale, Trigger, Gabby, and  the wonderful jeep, Nelly Bell held me enthralled, giving me a glimpse of other realities, making mine, for the moment, exotic and romantic.  My reality was out on that ranch, chasing rustlers, hearing the serenade of coyotes, smelling the scent of juniper on the air, the soft smell of leather.   I rode, with my heroes, into the setting sun, dust at my heels.

There is also a less than prosaic view of the west; the ruggedness of trail drives, the harsh mornings of waking to no food, and the need to make way in a hostile environment.  Rough frontier towns, lawless, dirty, built by new settlers, gunmen, farmers, merchants, cowmen, horse wranglers, bankers,gamblers,soiled doves, teachers,ministers, villains, heroes; strong men and women with a need and drive to move forward into a future created by them, for them, and for their children.  They all shared a rough and tumble existence springing from imagination and hard work.

We continue to honor the old west, with our movies, books, reenactments.  Some of you are real western hero’s today, others, like me, live on the fringe of romance, making my own way while straddling both worlds of modern and old.

The cowboy is eternal, and judging by the reactions we receive from children during our old west reenactment, will always exist.

Have you thought of your image of the eternal cowboy?  Do words like honor, pain, perseverance, skill come to mind?  Do you understand where in your soul the cowboy walks?