Nikolai Astrup (Norwegian) - Rhubarb
Nikolai Astrup (Norwegian) – Rhubarb

I have been thinking spring and have also been thinking of the tart rhubarb waiting in our frozen ground.  Waiting for the warm spring sunshine to just burst out and grow.

My granny told me some stuff about rhubarb I would like to share with you!

When taken internally in small doses, rhubarb acts as an astringent tonic to the digestive system, when taken larger doses rhubarb acts as a very mild laxative. The root can be taken internally for the treatment of chronic constipation, diarrhea, liver and gall bladder complaints, hemorrhoids, menstrual problems and skin eruptions due to an accumulation of toxins. Note that this remedy should not used by pregnant or lactating women, or patients with intestinal obstruction. Used externally, rhubarb root can be used in the treatment of burns.
Relieving Tea
Psyllium Seed 3 parts
Licorice Root 3 parts
Rhubarb Root 2 parts
Senna Pods (crushed) 2 parts
Angelica Root 2 parts
Drink as a simple infusion in the evenings

 This writer must declare that I have
absolutely absolutely no medical learning,     
so if you are going to be using my recipes,
you had best use them with your judgment
and not mine!!! I am just telling you what my
granny said!


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